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American Idol top 9
I was glad to see Dolly Parton on last night even though no one else did her songs but Michael Johns. He was the only one who I thought got the emotion of the song.

My rundown for last night looks like this:
Brooke White-not emotional enough
Ramiele Malubay- she can sing but it was nothing special
David Cook- liked it but didn't love it like I usually love his stuff. He did give credit to Chris Cornell for his version of Billie Jean finally.
Jason Castro- he's not taking things to the level I wish he would
Carly Smithson- didn't blow me away. My husband thinks she should win because she's so polished but she seems too cocky to me.
David Archuleta- I know what Simon was saying last week about animals dancing around him because he's very Disney. His songs are inspirational and would be great on soundtracks but I can't see ever buying his album. I did hear the song Simon gave him so much grief over in the movie, Hot Rod.
Kristy Lee Cook- Wow, the country girl even butchers country music. She had the best song and ruined it.
Syesha Mercado- last night was the first time I understood why she was there, but she won't win because she just doesn't stand out enough.

I think Kristy Lee Cook should go already. Simon keeps saying she's forgettable and she is. Speaking of which, I'm sick of Simon getting cut off during his critique while Paula and Randy babble on, usually by Ryan so he can get his two cents in like anyone cares. In my opinion they've given to much leverage to Ryan Seacrest. He's the host. I don't want his opinion, I don't want to see him go back and forth with Simon. I'm sick of it.

Paula I want to like you. I used to love you as an artist, but she is worthless as a judge. Can someone please tell her she's not judging hair or clothes or how beautiful someone's spirit is. Singing, she's judging singing.

Randy, if I have to hear you say "pitchy" again, I don't know what I'll do. I don't know if he even knows what he's talking about, but I could be a judge like him. "It's pitchy, but you're still my dogg and I'm not mad at cha".

I'm at the point now that I fast forward through Randy and Paula because they might as well not be there. So there's my rant on that.
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