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Oprah and her interesting topics: Pregnant Man
Dang, I'm trying to boycott Oprah, but it's hard to do sometimes, especially when she has topics like men having babies. I actually hadn't heard about this because I don't read magazines much and I don't watch the news much either. I know you're wondering how I survive. Well, I have my reasons for this.

1. I don't read magazines because I am sick to death of hearing about Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and all of the rest of them. They are bad role-models for our youth and I think they should be shunned not fawned over.

2. Magazines are wasteful and I'm all about going green. You can read more about that on my blog, Green Alert.

3. I do not watch the news because I think it breeds paranoia and I think it's hard to stay in a positive state of mind when all you watch is negativity. Now, I'm not perfect, by no means, I do fall prey to reality tv even though I know it's does nothing good for me. It's a habit I find hard to break.

That being said, back to Oprah's show on a transgender male, Thomas Beatie, becoming pregnant. Like I said, I hadn't heard of this so I wasn't sure what was going on and so I broke down and watched.

At first, I thought it was selfish to have a child when that kid would have to grow up with the knowledge that it was their "dad" who gave birth to them. Then they explained that the "mother" couldn't have children and I totally understood. I once worried that I wouldn't be able to have children and it was devastating. So, more power to them.

It will be hard but the child is who's important here. The situation is what it is and now they'll need support from society. I was shocked, by the way, to hear that the transgender community was against them coming out with the story. I just wouldn't have thought that they would want to keep their issues in the dark. Society can't learn to accept the things we don't know exist. Of course, I'm not in the situation so maybe I don't understand their reasoning.
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