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On-line Coupons, Store Sales and Saving Money
So, I was checking out my Zimbio account yesterday, just seeing what others are writing about when I found this great blog on saving money. It's called Be Thrifty Like Us, and it talks about printing on-line coupons, combining them with store sales and getting things as cheap as possible, sometimes free. Free being the goal.

Now, I used to be more into this type of stuff than I have been lately, but when I read this blog, I was on a mission. I immediately started looking at the sales at CVS and printing coupons on-line. Then I went to CVS last night and got $48 worth of stuff for $13 including CVS' Extra Bucks. Pretty good but I know I can do better.

I already get some really good deals at Walgreens but I am excited to go this Wednesday because I plan to top my savings at CVS. I will keep you posted on this subject and on other great blogs like this one.
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