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American Idol top 8
My rundown for last night looks like this:

Michael Johns- For two weeks in a row now, he's been my favorite. However, I do agree with Simon when he says that he likes Michael singing more soulful music. He seems to be drawn towards these huge rock songs and he did great on Aerosmith's Dream On last night but I liked the more heartfelt Dolly Parton song to be honest.
Syesha Mercado- I agreed with Randy on this one. She sung Fantasia's I Believe and did a decent job but there's something about her that is missing for me. I can't put my finger on it because she's pretty, she has stage presence, and she can sing. I just always feel like she falls short somewhere.
Jason Castro- I have always liked Jason but I feel like he needs to stretch a little more to show range or I think he'll go soon. That would be a shame because I think that with some guidance, he could make a good album.
Kristy Lee Cook- I don't care what she sings, she needs to go. I'm at a point now I just fast forward through her part.
David Cook- He did an song and I love Our Lady Peace but didn't love his take on it. I completely agreed, yet again, with Simon that the look was wrong and he is coming off as being pompous. I hate that because I want him to win. I just hope the good feedback isn't going to his head.
Carly Smithson- She did Queen's Show Must Go On, which is a tall order, but I liked it. I think she's taking this seriously and she's in it to win it.
David Archuleta- He did Robbie Williams Angels last night. He is consistently good but he's just not my thing.
Brooke White- She did James Taylor's, You Got A Friend. I don't love that song but I liked her version.
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