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Hot Rod with Andy Samberg
Well, my husband finally convinced me to watch Hot Rod with Andy Samberg. I like Andy Samberg on SNL so I thought maybe I'd like this movie. However, let me put it to you this way, if not for SNL's Bill Hader, I would have hated it. You know Bill Hader as the guy who plays Vincent Price on SNL. Well, he saved the movie for me, but barely mind you. It still wasn't my thing.

For one thing, Isla Fisher is also in it. You know her as the girl in every movie out right now. Enough already! Another thing about this movie is that for you've probably seen the first half hour of this movie on previews. It was so bad, I was wondering if I had seen it already and just didn't remember

My husband did like it but he should because it's a total guy movie.
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