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Pampers vs other Diapers
Before I had my baby someone recommended Pampers over the other diapers and I so I bought some. I also bought the Luvs and Huggies, just to see; and man, were they right. I much prefer Pampers over Luvs or Huggies. You can tell by the feel of them that they're better. They fit much better.

Another good thing about Pampers is that they have points on their products that they call "grow points". These can be collected and exchanged for different toys and things. So that's an extra bonus.

If you go to their web site, you can read more about the points, including where to find the points within the packaging.

One tip for moms to be is to start stocking up on diapers before you have the baby. Luckily, someone told us this and it turned out to be great advise. I just wouldn't get too many newborn diapers because they go through them so quick. My baby was 10 lbs. so he didn't use them much at all. I'd get 1's or 2's. They'll eventually need them so you can't go wrong. Most stores will let you exchange them if you do happen to outgrow something you've stocked up on. Hope that helps.
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