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American Idol Country vs. Rock
So, Amanda Overmyer ("the rocker"), one of my top girls, was voted off American Idol last week. That's fine because they'll all have to go before one of the guys wins it. However, I think Kristy Lee Cook ("Country Girl") should have went first.

In fact, I don't think country singers should be allowed on the show. Country music is it's own thing. They have shows specifically for country singers. Most people who like country music, as far as I've seen and I've known some real country lovers, listen to country and nothing else. Thus, all the country lovers will vote for this girl whether she's the best or not.

Now, I know rockers could be considered to be in their own sect as well. However, there is more than one rocker to choose from. Amanda Overmyer was an acquired taste and I get that so I'm not heartbroken. Now, if David Cook goes, the show might as well be over for me.
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