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Oprah & The Big Give

Ugh, I've had this show recording since it started but never watched it because frankly, I can't stand Oprah. Yes I said it and I know it's like blaspheme for some, but she is not a God people. I actually used to love her as much as anyone else. This is back when she was one of us and had problems we could relate to. When she had weight issues and didn't preach about losing weight when anyone could lose weight if they had a personal trainer and a personal chef.

Back before her show was just about her sitting down with her rich friends and talking about their great lives. I swear if I have to hear her mention John Travolta again, I'll die. Speaking of which I have this theory that she's a secret-Scientologist because she is friends with so many of them.

My final straw was when she did the traveling show with her friend Gayle, like we care anything about Gayle. Before they went to break they set it up like, "see what Oprah hasn't done in 25 years". Then we come to find out she hasn't pumped her own gas in 25 years. I knew right then, that she is no longer one of us. Not even close. So, I took her show off my DVR and never looked back.

Anyway, I've steered off course. About The Big Give, I, finally, got through an episode and I'm not impressed. All I could think the whole way through was, "Can they tell people that they're doing an Oprah show?". If they can, then the whole thing is a farce because even homeless people would give their last bread crumb if Oprah's name was mentioned. If the purpose is to show us what we can do to give, then it's misleading. I mean I'm all for giving but I just wish Oprah's name wasn't attached.
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