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Twilight DVD Release and Book Reviews
So, the movie finally came out on DVD yesterday. I was quite excited for it, even though I did end up seeing it in the theaters and was left with mixed feelings about it.

I don't know what I'd expected after reading the books. I mean the movie is pretty spot on. I think I just forgot how young the characters were supposed to be. I say "forgot", but I really mean "purposely pushed out of my mind". To my defense, I almost have to push their ages out of my mind, or I'm left feeling perverse and/or ridiculous for reading it.

If you haven't read the series then you may not understand because it isn't until the second book that things get really good. Read my reviews below to see what I mean.

You can read my review of the first book here.

Whereas the first book is all about establishing this unbreakable bond between Bella and Edward, in New Moon, the romance becomes more complicated.

A new romance begins between Bella and Jacob (you may have seen stuff with "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob". Well that's what that's about). Anyway, in the beginning, you can't believe the story is going in that direction. Again, the first book makes it seem impossible that anyone could come between the two. Half way through though, you are so glad. Jacob is everything Edward isn't. Then, by the end, a true love triangle has been created. Stephenie Meyer writes it so that you, yourself, are confused about what Bella should or will do.

Eclipse is a true continuation of the last book. In it, the love triangle really heats up. The fact that Edward is a vampire and Jacob...well, that he's different too really make for a more exciting twist than most romance books.

Meyer gives you just enough to keep you reading and hoping. She really is a good writer in that way. All the books were so hard to put down. All except the last.

Breaking Dawn was my least favorite. I didn't like how everything was wrapped up in a nice neat bow.

There was a shocking moment in the book, but it wasn't the ending I would have liked.
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