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Reviews: Pineapple Express & Twilight
I just watched Pineapple Express with James Franco and Seth Rogen. Typically I hate pothead movies but oddly enough, I wanted to see this. My husband is insistent that it's because of James Franco, and I do admit he looks much better with long hair, but that isn't the reason. I thought it looked funny and it was.

It wasn't just about smoking pot. There was an actual storyline and it wasn't bad. Gay as all hell but funny. For those who haven't seen it, watch and you'll understand that comment.

I give this movie a thumbs up.

Okay, I gave in and finally read Twilight. Everyone was talking about it. My 16 year old niece is crazy about and so I did it.

Turns out, I read it in 2 days, it was so good. I know, I'm way too old to find this book so appealing. I mean it's definitely written as a teenage romantic fantasy. A young virgin girl meets a sensitive bad boy, who just happens to be a vampire, minor detail. The whole book is somewhat of a tease but there I was...enthralled. I don't even like romance books normally, but I just kept hoping they were going to ramp this whole thing up I guess. Of course, then it's not for young girls so much.

All I'm asking for is something between this and True Blood. True Blood is borderline porn and this was, well I think "tease" does say it all.

Now, I haven't seen the movie because my husband isn't as gung ho as I am, but I know the lead guy, Robert Pattinson, is a hottie. If I'm honest, he is why I read the book. Wow, I feel like such a cougar. He is almost 10 years younger. Typically, I think of people that age as kids to me, but he looks like all man to me.
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