My Blogs allow me to rant and rave about movies, scrapbooking, motherhood, saving money, and whatever else I'd like. I'm finding it to be a great release for me. I hope that others enjoy it as well.

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Valentine's Day, Kids Creations and other useful sites
Much like thisnext.com, you can get great, unique ideas for gifts and things @ gifts.com.

If you're looking for Valentine's ideas, this is the place to go. Find things like personalized memory lane art (left) and novelty golf balls (right). What says love better than smackin' a few balls around with your face on `em? I'm just joking but there are some really good ideas there.

Kids 5-14 can write, illustrate, and publish their own books @ tikatok.com

Kids 4 and older can design comic strips or Create your own crosswords.
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