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More CVS Buys! $3.50 total OOP

Last night, I went back to CVS because I had some coupons about to expire. I got:

2 pckgs Pampers. $8.99 a piece. So, $17.98-$2 coupon FIP=$15.98.
3 Pringles. .88x 3-.30 coupon FIP=$2.34.
Dawn. .88-.50 coupon FIP=.38
Colgate TB. $3.99-$1 coupon FIP. =$2.99 got back $3.99 in ECB $1 Profit
2 NatureMade Vitamins $8.48 (4.29 + 4.19). BOGO so -$4.19 and -$8.48 I had in coupons for the vitamins for a profit of $4.19.
10 more free pics like I explained here.
-$5 ECBs from last time
-$9 in CVS coupons found various places.
=$3.50 plus tax OOP

That's $3.50 for all of this including 2 things of diapers. Don't forget I also got $3.99 in ECBs for next time. I can't wait! Though I think I'm going to Walgreens next.

**Hot Deal** At Walgreens you can get a free 8 x 10 photo on-line if you use the code 4MOM at checkout. The deal ends tomorrow, May 7th so act fast. Thanks, Be Thrifty Like Us for the tip. Frame these and they would be great mother's day gifts.
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2 Responses
  1. ohhollyf Says:

    Oh tryed to do the Walgreens photo, but was there a day early. Bummer talk about MOMMYBRAIN
    Did you get yours?

  2. callmekelly Says:

    I'm sorry about that ohhollyf. I got the tip that someone got it a day early. I tried it and it worked so I went ahead and posted it.

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