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American Idol: new voting system needed

I do not understand why American Idol doesn't have us vote for the person we want off each week instead of the person we like best. There are weeks when I'm not sure who I like best, but I usually have a very easy time deciding who should go. This week, Jason Castro needs to go and I say that as a person who likes Jason.

I just don't think his heart is in the competition. I don't think that he's mature enough to realize the opportunity he's being given and to take advantage of it. Like last night, for instance, he did Bob Marley. Bob Marley songs are great because they're done by him and because of their message. Not every young kid with dreads can do Bob Marley.

Speaking of someone trying to take on something beyond them, Syesha did Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come". A song written about the civil rights movement and she actually compared it to what she's going through on American Idol. Wow, I don't have the words to describe how ridiculous that is.

I think it's definitely got to come down to the two Davids now.
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4 Responses
  1. Jose Says:

    First of all you have to know that I pick Syesha over Jason hands down. Jason making it to number four was thaks to a lot of crazy seƱoritas that think he is cute and then of course he was picked up by vote for the worse. Him leaving is the best move so far. I really love Syesha's take on Change is Gonna Come. What did everyone expect, for her to sing it like Sam Cooke or Al Green, her rendition was very refreshing and she did reference that we are going through changes as a woman and a black man are very strong candidates to be president of this country. I never thought that would happen.

  2. callmekelly Says:

    Good point about the presidential candidates but I didn't hear her say that. I heard her compare it to her what she was going through on American Idol. As far as her song, I thought she did alright. She always seems to pick the biggest songs and yeah, I kind of expect her to be able to back it up, which I don't feel like she did with that one. Personally, I think she'd be great on Broadway, but I can't imagine buying any of her stuff. That's just me though. She can definitely sing. Thanks for commenting Jose.

  3. pXr Says:

    I've often wondered the same thing, it would polarise votes to eliminate the weakest link each week. But then I realised it would probably also take the suspense out of it as it and make the results easier to predict -eliminating the one angle the show needs to create its drama and keep us watching.

  4. callmekelly Says:

    You're right pxr. It would take the suspense out of it. Just like this week, I think everyone suspected Jason would leave. I think he even said he was relieved. Thanks for your comment.

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