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There Will Be Blood & Daniel Day-Lewis
I know I am behind in my movie watching. Again, I stress how hard it is to watch a movie with a 6 month old baby. Previously, I would have been in the theaters first thing for this movie, No Country, Atonement, etc. However, as good as all of these movies looked, I am left very disappointed with all of them.

There Will Be Blood depicts a man, power-hungry and paranoid, who essentially loses it, pushing everyone in his life away. I felt the movie was long and slow. Editing could have done wonders here. On top of that the story was vague. It eluded to things, then left you wondering until it eluded to something else and you had to then piece it all together.

I felt the violence was unnecessary. Mind you they would have had to change the title; but at the end, I felt the whole thing was pointless.

Now for the positive, Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano (Eli) were both amazing in the parts they were given. Daniel Day-Lewis is amazing in everything he does. I respect him a great deal as an actor. It's worth seeing purely for his performance.
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  1. Kyle Says:

    I just rented this DVD but have not watched it yet. I am a big DDL fan as well. It does look pretty violent though.

    Cool blog you have here! I found you thru a comment you left over at JuiceFairy! I'll be back!

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