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Happiness In A Box
This is something I recently did for my husband, something that might make a good Valentine's Day gift.
I just took a cardboard box, painted and aged it. The idea was to make it look like an old treasure box.

It originally had gifts that filled the box, but he'd taken those out before I took the photo. There are still a few wrapped gifts that are to be opened at specific times: when he's feeling tired, feeling overwhelmed, stuff like that.

The "Hang in there" kitty is meant to be a joke.

I did a mix CD of songs to brighten his day. Then printed out the cassette tape sleeve because I'm old school. I made cards that are sealed, meant to be opened when he needs them. The photos are of our times together, things that would make him smile.

Basically, the box is meant to be something he can go to, on his bad days, for a little pick me up. I will refill the box as things are taken from it, so that he can always rely on it.
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