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Halloween Stuff to Make For Kids & Adults
So, I'm starting on my Halloween crafts for the year, or at least planning to. Thought I'd share my finds:

I saw these "Halloween Candy Cauldrons" last year on CTPubBlog last year but didn't get a chance to make them. I hope I have time this year though because I think they're neat and they don't look that hard to make.

I Love to Create has these great necklaces made from Tulip 3-Dimensional Slick Paint. I love them!

Thanks to Purple Trail for this spooky spinners idea. How awesome!

Frankenstein Head -Free Kids Crafts uses cotton inside just as a fun thing, but I would think you could use they're printable on a container and put candy in it. That's just me though.

I could probably do a whole post on just paper plate crafts, and just might. For now though, I thought this pumpkin was good inspiration. Just like with real pumpkin faces, your kids could get creative here.

These Ghostwriter finger pens are a must do craft for me this year.

Is it wrong that I want this Toadstool hat for myself and it has nothing to do with Halloween? I just really love crazy hats.

Who doesn't have an old white tee to use for this simple ghost craft from BHG? Better home & Gardens has a lot of good kid crafts, including this pumpkin hat. I know I said no more paper plates, but this is a paper bowl. So cute.
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