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Last Minute Halloween Party Ideas
Now this Dexter inspired theme is what I call a party. I absolutely love Showtime's Dexter and I find this mix of horror and fine dining hi-larious!

Equally hi-larious and to go right along with decorating your stroller, why not decorate your car? Tip Junkie has a nice round up of different pics from the web.

Eddie Ross has a super simple bat napkin ring tutorial.

Creativity Portal has a good tutorial on making Hershey Nugget Candy Wrappers. Just think scary and add any scary image you want.

Okay, these band aids for "boo boos" could be handouts for people at the party, or just for your kids. They don't even have to be for Halloween, honestly, but I saw them and had to list them. I actually have some Dexter ones that they gave out to my husband's work. I didn't even think about stamping my own, but now I know. Thanks to Gets Bored Easily for the tip.

If you don't have a costume yet and you're freaking out, there are a lot of tutorials out there on some cool make-up effects. I really liked this one.

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