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Dinosaur B-Day
It's that time again, my son, Jaxon's B-day. This year we're doing dinosaurs because he loves them. Here's some stuff I found:

Family Fun had this cool balloon idea that I think I'll use because, frankly, I like homemade things better than store bought (if you couldn't tell by now).

Tons of Dinosaur Printables @ Kaboose. I'm thinking I could blow them up and maybe do some wall art. Kaboose also has instructions for a super easy erupting volcano and Coffee Ground "Fossils"

You can get free downloadable 3-D paper crafts here.

I found these cute Thank You cards at Baby Face Design. She has a lot of cool party items for sell on her site.

I also found some dinosaur things, not necessarily for the party, but thought my son my like them anytime:

Free printable Dinosaur memory game. Just print, attach to some card stock or whatever and there you go.

FishGoth has some pretty involved origami dinosaurs (just click on pics for instructions).

I tried to find the perfect dino hats, but didn't have any luck. I did find this hat to the right that is pretty good, but I'm still looking to see if there's something better.
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