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Adorable Kid Finds
My son's b-day is coming up, so I have been on the lookout for some unique gifts and thought I'd share my finds:

Polliwalks- I love these!!! It's getting a little late in the year for them now; but next year, I'm getting some for sure.

Funky Moose (UK) sells these adorable " daysacks". They have a cow one and turtle one too, all so cute. They actually have a lot of cute things, but I'm not big on ordering toys on-line just because you can find cool toys everywhere. These bags are a different story. Thanks to Giver's log for the find. She has a whole article on neat backpacks.

Apparently, I like the bee theme because I am also drawn to Kidorable's bee umbrella. You've probably seen Kidorable rainwear and things around, but thought I should mention it for those who hadn't.

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