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Altered Art
I've been pretty busy lately, but thought I'd share a couple more finds for my crafty readers out there.

For scrapbooker's:

I had mentioned in a previous post that Hewlett-Packard activity center actually has some pretty cool designs that are free to print. Among these designs are different patterned paper, but also tags, decorative photo corners, cool alphabets, borders, envelopes, and much more.

For Altered Artists:

Moldable Foam Stamps - Make anything into a stamp, I have got to test this out.

Dollar Store Crafts has a rubber stamp tutorial as well.

While I love to scrapbook, I also like altered art. Altered art allows me more freedom. With scrapbooking, I try to use photo safe materials and I usually like a certain order to things. With altered art, however, there are no rules. It goes against my nature and I like that. It's not about being a great artists or even so much about what you produce as the process of creating.

Here are a couple examples of one of my altered books:

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