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Home Decor Round-up
I've been pretty busy lately but I haven't forgotten you. Here's my latest finds:

ISLY has all kinds of cool stuff, but I was especially drawn to this table. Unfortunately, I would have the same problem she's apparently having--kids!

Thanks to Toni at Design Dazzle for posting on bookshelves made from rain gutters (below). What a great idea. I could see something like this going up in my basement. She does have link to a tutorial on how to make them yourself.

Toni also has a great post on these Wallpaper Silhouettes -Personally, I have an aversion to wallpaper, but I do like these.

Here's a video on how to make invisible shelf. I highly suggest checking it out. It's really quite interesting.
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3 Responses
  1. JanuskieZ Says:

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  2. Thanks for the feature! I didn't end up getting rid of the table, but haven't dared to put it up in our new place. I think it'll just stay in storage until all of our kidlets are grown. That's life, I guess.

  3. callmekelly Says:

    I hear ya. My coffee table's pushed against a wall and now holds baskets full of toys.

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