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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review
I'm sure my fellow obsessed Harry Potter fans have already seen the movie, so they know. For those who aren't so enthused that they could actually stand to wait to see it, I'll say this, hopefully you didn't make the mistake I did of re-reading the book right before you go.

While I'm sure I'll appreciate it more the next time I see it, the first time around was tainted by the humongous holes in the storyline. Now, I realize these are long stories and need to be edited for the big screen; but, at the very least, an extra 30 minutes could have been added to the movie to make it 3 hours, not unlike similar movies of such grand nature. Secondly, a scene that was added could have been cut to include scenes that actually existed in the book, scenes that were much more important than the scene that was added for absolutely no reason.

I had originally thought the added scene was done in order to add more action to a story that didn't include a lot of fight scenes. This theory, however, was blown to pieces when I realized that the one big action scene the book did have was cut. Why? Can someone explain this to me because I can't understand their reasoning?

This, on top of cutting so many of the memories that Dumbledore shared with Harry, leaves me wondering how J.K. could have approved this. It seems to me that these were very important things to include, especially for people who haven't read the books and don't know what's going on.

Not just for the sake of those who hadn't read the books, but for those who had, so many of the things that would have made for a more interesting storyline should have been added. For instance, I think that one of the most important parts of this book was getting to know more about Tom Riddle's back story. That, and I think that the end fight scene, along with the reactions to what has happened, at the end, were some of the things I was looking most forward to.

On top of cutting things and adding others, they changed things for no reason. Luna played a bigger part than she was supposed to. Not that I don't like Luna, but I didn't understand why she was in scenes she had no place being in.

Oh well, you can't please everyone. I don't think I was the only one who felt this way though because usually people always clap at the end of Harry Potter. This time, there was only like 2 people. I'm pretty sure those are the 2 who haven't read the books and didn't know to be upset. Mind you, this all being said, I do plan on seeing it again while it's in theaters. I think I always feel this way after I first see it. I'm still a huge fan!
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