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Cool Pincushions
Ever since I made my voodoo pincushion, not unlike the one shown, I've been a fan. Pincushions can be creative and they are sooooo easy, two of my favorite things.

Sugar Skull Pincushion. I love sugar skulls. Though this looks more intricate than I could pull off with needlepoint, they have a digital version that could just be printed on iron on sheets. The template's only free until July 26th, so get it quick!

Flower pincushion- This looks like it could be a good use of little scraps you may have collected here and there.

The Purl Bee has "very easy Pincushions". It's one of the better sewing sites I've found. They have a lot of projects that look easy, but still super cute.

Eyes, now that is both sick and funny...another two of my favorite things. There are a ton of good ones here. They don't have tutorials, but they're great inspiration.

I like the idea of incorporating something other than fabric, like with this Truck Pincushion
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