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Rive Magazine: Art Round-Up
This week's art round-up is from Rive Magazine, including altered art Collage work by Alexander Korzer-Robinson:

I have done something similar a long time ago so, of course, I'm drawn to it. Mine (below) is actually an altered cigar box with a paper bag book, complete with removable shaker brain and trap door.

Chadwick Tyler's Photography:

I love old glamor and the fact that this series of photos is haunting only heightens the appeal for me.

Printed tights by Studio m + o:

I wouldn't have ever thought to try and purposely put veins on my legs before, but there's something wrong about it that I love.

Record Silhouettes by Carlos Aires:

I also had to include this stop animation video by Bang-yao Liu:

Typically, I don't like adding videos but I did stop and watch this and was glad I did. At first I thought "who has time to do this?". Then I thought "I do" and yet I don't use my time doing anything as creative.

This googly eye pic gets my vote for funniest because I often wonder why the world can't be just a little bit more fun, like something from the movie Toys. So, this is as close as I get:

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