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Goodbye to Michael Jackson
Today, in case you live under a rock and were unaware, Michael Jackson's memorial service was held. I found it touching and bawled through a great portion of it. That may sound silly to the few who weren't fans, but I was amongst the thousands of fans for whom Michael Jackson was an idol. People, let alone artists, like Michael do not come along often in this world. I can't think of anyone still alive who holds a candle to his all-around greatness.

More than any of the performers or speakers at the service, I was completely moved by his daughter Paris. I know what it is to lose a father and I'll tell you it doesn't matter what bad things other people say about them; to a kid, a parent is everything.

While there was so much positivity amongst the sorrow, I have to say I made the mistake of recording it via ABC News. While it was bad enough, and I tried to let it go that they had Martin Bashir commenting the night he died, I was appalled at the fact that they made this mistake twice.

After what Martin Bashir did to Michael Jackson, he should be hiding under a rock right now. The gall it takes for him to be commenting, like they were on good terms, after he completely betrayed Michael for the whole world to see. I am horrified...horrified!

Secondly, with all the recaps of everything that is Michael, I keep seeing Jamie Foxx's asinine statement, "We want to celebrate this black man - he belongs to us - and we shared him with everybody else.". Michael wanted to breakdown the color barriers. Things like this go against everything Michael spent his life trying to do and to overcome. After Jamie Foxx's racist comment about Miley Cyrus, maybe he should shut up for awhile.
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