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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
My husband, a super-huge Transformers fan, and I went and saw Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen last week. Without wanting to offend too many people, I will say, I cannot stand Michael Bay. I think he's a sell-out who doesn't care about the Transformers fans.

Yes, the movie looked good with lots of good effects; but the story, like the last, had gaping holes in it for me. Mind you, I am a girl and wasn't big into Transformers as a kid, but holes are holes. I don't even need to know the history to know things didn't make sense. Thus, I can completely understand why my husband and other real fans would have been disappointed.

small SPOILER ALERT: The girl "robot" looked like something from Terminator not Transformers. She had flesh, how does that transform?

The twin robots were offensive in many ways. I know if I were black, I would have been offended at the stereotypical garbage that was spewing from their mouths. As a parent, who would have brought my son if he'd been older, I am offended by the fact that they were using unnecessarily vulgar language.

Okay, now here's some of my personal beef:

I CANNOT STAND action movies that try to be love stories (aka Speed). If my life is in danger and I've just been through hell, I'm not making caddy jokes at the end about love or anything else for that matter. If I'm there with my parents and a girl who I can't even tell I love you, guess who I care about at the end? My parents. I mean it's pretty obvious by the fact that he wouldn't let his dad come because he didn't want him to get hurt but he tells her, yeah come on.

I also don't like set-ups, like the one with John Turturro making a big deal about going to the pyramid for no reason other than to set up for the line about robot scrotum.


There were funny moments. The "I'm not talking to you for 10 seconds" thing was good. I wish the guy tagging along would have been more comical. As it was, there wasn't a lot of reason for him to be there.

I guess the biggest pro for me is Bumblebee, though my husband didn't like that he's treated like a pet. Optimus Prime's pretty B.A. too.
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