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Michael Jackson: 1958 - 2009
Today, the world has lost the best artist of my generation, Michael Jackson. It's a shame that so much controversy surrounded his life, but I remember when ...

I remember seeing Moonwalker at school and thinking I was going to marry him. I remember rushing to play his new tapes as soon as I got them, records too. I remember watching him dance in absolute awe of his gifts. I remember singing Man in The Mirror in Choir.

I remember collecting everything I could; things that I still have to this day. In fact, I still have the shirt I am wearing in the picture. I remember wanting to get a Michael Jackson tattoo when I got older. I had the design and everything.

Man, I loved him. I'm truly sad. He will be greatly missed.
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  1. Deborah Katy Says:

    He will be missed forever. I also had him as a big part of my life. Was looking to the pics and magazines and cds i have and found the dancing the dream poem of him and had to post it on my blog.
    I simply love this guy. My heart is hurt...

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