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Free Lego Exhibit in KC thru Sept 7th
A few weeks ago, on our way to Jiggle Jam, we came across a happy surprise at Crown Center in Kansas City. A Lego Exhibit! Specifically art made from Legos by artist Nathan Sawaya.

Now, that may not seem like the biggest deal except that my husband is a Lego collector and is obsessed with the "art" of building. So this was like me just happening upon a free Pearl Jam concert--HUGE!!!

If you are in the KC area, the exhibit is going on until September 7th and is free! Here's a couple of our photos, not the best, but ours none the less.

The above was my favorite. It was more intricate, I thought.

Had to throw this in, it's actually from Jiggle Jam, but it's my son playing with Legos.
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