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Fun for Kids: 4th of July and more
With the 4th coming up, I thought I'd share some fun crafts for kids along with some other, non-Independence Day crafts.

Star-Spangled Wavers- Now these are easy, but I think the kids would love em and, if nothing else, they would be good in pictures. Hey, scrapbookers have to think of these things.

Musical Stars and Stripes (left)

I am thinking of adding some sculptural things to the yard and I remembered seeing these Toadstool Table and Chairs on HGTV. Now that I have a kid, these would be fun to do.

While on the subject for HGTV, I also remember seeing these fairy wings that I started making at the time, but was distracted. I do intend to finish them soon though. I have some b-days coming up for which they'd be perfect.

Here's some fun ideas from Family Fun Magazine:

Edible bangle bracelets out of jelly beans and thread. They also have a version with fruit loops and peelable licorice thread.

Make "Rock Candy" from a box of conversation hearts and two mini peanut butter cups. While these are technically for Valentine's Day, I just had to blog about them now so I don't forget myself.
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