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Recipes and Crafts for Moms
Over on Parenting.com I found some great ideas for kids treats under their recipe section. This has recently become an issue with my ever-growing picky eater.

I also love their cake section. I just have to find a way to take this castle idea and turn into a boy castle and I'm set.

They do have tons of boy cakes too, of course. There's rockets and bulldozers and tons of unique ideas.

They had a cool idea for a little St. Patrick's day activity, though it could just as easily work for Father's day too:

1) Design thumbprint shamrocks: Dip your child's thumb in green paint, and make three prints close together on white paper. Create a whole field of 'em!
2) Cut a paper plate in half and have kids finger-paint a rainbow on it. Then shape a pot of gold out of construction paper, and tape it to the end of the rainbow.
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