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Father's Day ideas
I love the idea of garden stepping stones with my sons foot prints. I've even considered putting his prints inside my husband's print. Here's a great page with lots of examples.

Of course we all see the kits with dragon tears, marbles, and mosaic glass. Don't forget you can also paint, include pictures of loved ones, which I may do in memory of my father.

Also, step outside the mold like with this leaf impression.

My favorite is probably Footprints in the Sand Stepping Stone because it has the poem embedded.

Another idea I loved was a personalized windshield cover with child's art work. Supposedly you can get these at the Dollar store. Momready elaborates:

If you want to get fancy, you can add photos and scrapbook embellishments. Just make sure to avoid putting them in the folds of your cover to protect your design.

Finally, I think anything with photos is always good. Here's a couple different suggestions:

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