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Free People: Art & Inspiration
I do a lot of posts on crafts, but I haven't focused too much on arts. However, I was looking over on Free People's blog and it might have persuaded me to do so. Here's just a taste of some of the things I, personally, found inspiring:

Photos by Stuart Gibson

This is Kelburn Castle in Scotland, which in June 2007 was partially painted by the Sao Paolo Crew, who are Brazilian graffiti artists.
I love this because I am constantly saying to my husband that the world should be more fun. My favorite part is, by far, the girl's face at the top. Even if you don't like this type of art, you have to admire it's uniqueness.

Crayon art by Christian Faur

Sand art By Jim Denevan

Silhouette Masterpiece Theater by Wilhelm Steahle. Hi-larious!
Hey, you gotta keep your sense of humor.
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