My Blogs allow me to rant and rave about movies, scrapbooking, motherhood, saving money, and whatever else I'd like. I'm finding it to be a great release for me. I hope that others enjoy it as well.

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Crafty Nest
I found a new site that I'm loving! I've actually blogged about Crafty Nest before, but I just can't get enough. Check out some sample posts and bookmark her for sure. She rocks!

Postcard “tapestry” tutorial. This could just as easily work for photos or any kind of memorabilia.

faux capiz shell lampshade tutorial

Handmade stencils tutorial

Hanging Jar Lights- Super easy, but with big effects. You could use a wide array of jars and some wire.

Pants hangers + drawer pull picture hangers. This would be nice because the pics could easily be switched out and with a rapidly growing baby boy, I am looking for something I can keep updated quickly.

Wooden tissue box cover "transformed from eyesore to mod"
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