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Stamp Out Hunger & The Bread Art Project
In honor of tomorrow's Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive that's going on tomorrow (May 9th), I thought I'd post about an interesting site I found. The site's called The Bread Art Project and it's just that, a place where you can make art out of toast, or bread.

For every piece of bread art created, the Grain Foods Foundation will donate $1 to Feeding America (up to $50,000). You can do this through the bread art site or Go With The Grain. I would do the latter because I tried going through Bread Art and I had problems saving, but that could have just been me.

Here's my masterpiece titled, "My Boys":

Now as far as Stamp Out Hunger goes, place your bags full of non-perishable foods next to your mailbox tomorrow for your carrier to pick up. No glass jars and no expired foods. Refer to the above link for more info.
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