My Blogs allow me to rant and rave about movies, scrapbooking, motherhood, saving money, and whatever else I'd like. I'm finding it to be a great release for me. I hope that others enjoy it as well.

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Couple artistic sites I'm diggin'
At The Wurst Gallery's website you can see examples of artwork found at thriftstores that has been re-worked into personal masterpieces. You just mouse over the originals to see the new artwork. It's really a neat idea because so much of the artwork at thriftstores may never be bought and displayed again otherwise.

I have actually done a version of this myself, though I didn't actually incorporate the original so much as I just used the framing to make gifts for people. I didn't think to do before pics...unfortunately. Here is the final products however:

I Shop Indie is exactly what you might think. It's cool stuff made by artists. I really like it, though I use it more for inspiration than anything, as I do with most sites. here's some examples of their products:

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