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Clothing & Other Cool Ideas
Well, I'm not much of a knitter, but I was looking for some instructions on making a sock monkey hat and I found some great stuff along the way...kookie stuff, if you will.

Exhibit A:

This site has some great knitting ideas, like the wig shown, but they also have a cookie monster hat and stacking rings (right)

Here are instructions for a super cute candy corn felt bag that could be used for Halloween or just for fun. Unfortunately I couldn't get a pic; but trust me, you'll want to check it out.

T-Shirt Surgery is a cool place to check out examples of things to do with old T-shirts.

The image on the shirt to the left was done with freezer paper! See how here.

On a different note: I found this cool site for free printables, appropriately titled AllFreePrintables.com. They have everything from holiday printables, to chore coupons, to recipe cards and checklists.

A similar site is AllFreeCrafts.com. They actually have some really cute ideas and they even have a section just for green crafts, which I love.
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