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The Watchmen Review
I actually got to see a movie in the theaters before everyone else in the world already had! It's a rarity lately so I have to mention it.

Although this was my husband's pick, I didn't fight him on it because it did look interesting. That and he assured me, after reading the "graphic novel", that I would like the psychological factor of it. He was right.

The movie was definitely more than a typical "superhero" story especially since only one character actually has powers. Nothing against typical superhero films, I usually like them too; but this is more than that. First of all, it's rated R and deservedly so. There's nudity, but there's also extreme violence, with some very disturbing subjects. It is not meant for children, to say the least. I mean I don't dislike violence and even I had to turn away from some scenes.

That being said, I really did like the movie. I liked the direction and although I've heard the creator wasn't happy with it, from what I saw of the book, it seemed to follow very closely. The one big difference, from what my husband tells me, is the ending. However, from what he told me of the original ending, I'm glad they changed it. I actually liked the movie's ending. It all came together quite nicely. Not in a tie it up with a pretty bow way, but in a way that you really couldn't argue with.

Now, I should say, I wasn't completely in love with the characters. I don't know how believable the idea of a meek, bird-loving crime fighter is (Nite-Owl). As far as the girl (The Silk Spectre), forget fighting in high heels, there's no way you're fighting like that with that hair. Believe me, I know, I could have played her myself. That's me below, looking pretty B.A. in my senior picture. Hey, don't underestimate a girl with a nose ring and wicked smile.

True, I wasn't exactly fighting crime with my long hair, but I didn't have to for me to know that would be a hindrance. I did like The Comedian character, or at least the actor (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Too bad he had to be a d*ck.

All in all though, I'd highly recommend this movie to adults. Again, please don't think that this movie is fit for kids just because it looks like an innocent superhero film. It's not!
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