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The "L" Word says good-bye
Below is my post this time last year, before I knew The "L" Word's ending:

So the "L" Word is saying good-bye next season. That saddens me, but I do think maybe it is time. The story lines have went south for me and it just seems like they're going in circles.

I will miss "Shane" (Katherine Moennig) the most. I just wish she'd stayed with Carmen or that they will bring them back together for the last season. This whole I'm going good over a straight girl thing that they left it with, sucks.

Sometimes I think Shane is the only reason I watch. Lord knows it isn't Pam Grier, who, bless her heart, cannot act her way out of a paper bag. I did start to like the Max/Moira character but then they just pushed him/her to the side and for what I don't know. I just really can't express enough how much I don't like the direction the show took.

I also liked that they brought Marlee Matlin on because I'm learning sign language and I just have so much more respect for her and it was fun to watch her sign and be able to pick up on what's she saying without being told immediately. Bette and Tina need to be together though so Marlee's character has to go.

Jenny drives me crazy and I'm glad Shane screwed her over like Jenny screwed over all of her friends. Now, I'm ranting about it like it's real. The point is it will be sad to say good-bye but necessary before they completely butcher even the memory of a good show.

UPDATE: The "L" Word is now over and I have to say I'm sadder about it than I thought I would be. I'm not exactly sure why. The ending was really disappointing.

I guess we all have those shows we keep watching, even if we don't love the direction the show's going because we've followed it's storyline and it's characters so long. Lost is a prime example. If I hadn't watched the stupid thing so long now, I'd stop because it frustrates me more than anything.

I did like what happened to Jenny, but I don't think she and Shane should have hooked up. Again, I wanted Shane back with Carmen. Other than that, it was really lackluster. Too bad.
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