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Cool stuff I could so make
Quite often I see stuff on the net that I love and know I could make myself. However, I sometimes have a hard time remembering what it was I wanted to do. So, I figure I better start keeping track and maybe give some ideas to you all while I'm at it. For instance, this X-ray lamp is super cool, and I could so make it myself. To the right is another shade idea I like made from wrapping paper.

Same goes for the Flintstone's car (below). This would be cool for Halloween photo shoots or just for kids in general.

For those of us wanting to work on a smaller scale, here's instructions on how to make a dress form out of duct tape. You never know, it could come in handy.
Or, here's instructions on making stamps out of old sneaker bottoms.

Or Here's a super easy rope rug that can be as cool as your imagination can make it.
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