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My Son's Dr. Seuss Birthday Party
I had posted awhile back about my son's 1st birthday, but I never posted about how it went.

First of all, we decided on the Dr. Seuss theme. I found some stuff on-line about possible games and all that, but none of it really came into play for me. Here's what I did find just in case you're interested:

Dr Seuss & Cat in the Hat Party
Dr. Seuss' Birthday Crafts & Activities
Seussville printouts, etc.

Nothing too exciting to be honest. Within all my research, here is the invite I ended up making (left), very last minute. Though I did plan a long time before the party, the invites I had originally planned didn't work out as I'd liked, so I ended up rushing anyway.

Someone did say that some stores give out free first b-day cake for babies. I ended up letting my mother-in-law have free reign with the cakes. She did a Horton, a wompy cake for me, and a hat inspired 3 layer cake.

My husband and I made large truffula trees and decorated both the inside and outside of my sister's house with them. As you can see to the left, we also made a walkway of balloons which was definitely an experience.

We had originally planned on having all the guests sign the Dr. Seuss hat shown, but we really didn't get around to that. It's just like with anything else, so much planning goes into it; but then you just do what feels natural, and it ends up being fine no matter what. My baby had a great time and it was all that mattered.

Although, I didn't have a lot of luck looking on-line, I did find one site that I loved. Here are some of the tips I got there:

Give the guests 3x5 cards with questions like, "what advice would you give for the future?".

One person suggests setting out large fabric tunnels or washable crayons with paper rolls. Another person suggests a pull string version of a pinata.

I also found some great birthday hats at Martha Stewart's site that you can make yourself. Though I didn't do it this time, I can see myself doing this at some point in the future.
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