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Free Valentine's Day Cards
Thanks to Money Saving Mom's post on 6 FREE Valentine's Day cards from Stories by Everyone at Scrapbooks.com. These are a set of 6 identical cards that you can add your photo to, such as the example below. They can be given to classmates, but also to family members, as I plan to do with mine.

Just enter the code valentine at checkout. Offer expires February 1, 2009.

For those wanting to go green this Valentine's Day, please consider sending free e-cards. They're all over the internet now. Hallmark has them, and plenty of other legitimate sites.

I'm just going to be real men, I know every woman acts like they love cards, but I don't! Don't love flowers either. I would much rather something original, something thoughtful. Now, I know that means putting some real time and energy into it, but that's the point. Cards on Valentine's Day, to me, says last minute, all over it. Now cards on other days, days when they're not expected, cards to say thank you just because, that can be sweet. This Valentine's Day though, go big or sleep on the couch.
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