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Choosing a Template, Layouts, Screenshots, and more!
I'm looking for a new template for one of my other blogs, On My Lists (below). I thought I'd share my resources as I come across them.

When choosing a template, you should consider if you want 2 or 3 columns, things like that. I like 3. You can always add another column and make changes of that sort yourself later. I've done that before, but it's just easier to find what you want already "laid out" for you.

Do try and get something simple enough that you can make changes to the header and background, etc. if you want to. This is the mistake I made with my current layout, it's too complex for me to make changes.

You don't need to care about the pictures used in the layout chosen. If you are somewhat savvy on the computer, you can change that stuff easily. Instead, you should focus on the layout, or arrangement. There are all kinds of little quirky things that can make a template special. That's what matters.

That, and the design should make sense for the subject. Currently, RNR Reviews is a magazine style template. I did the header, the colors, but liked that the 2 columns on the side with space below for ads, etc.

With On My Lists, I'm obviously wanting something that looks listy. Yeah, I think that says it all. Seriously though, I'm thinking paper, pad, something like that. Nothing too complex this time because I dread having to change the template. It can be very easy, but I have a lot of widgets and stuff that I have to make sure all transfer correctly. I'll probably have to do a new header and re-arrange things. It can be a time-consuming pain, to say the least.

Here is a list of places I am looking at for possible templates:

I like BTemplates alot. They have a ridiculously large selection. I'm thinking I may find something there.

Createblog has some original stuff I've been seeing pop up here and there on other people's blogs. I really like some of the layouts myself, but they're not right for what I'm looking for.

eBlog Templates has a lot of choices. I don't love the way the site is set up though.

Final Sense is pretty repetitive aka all the designs are very similar.

Our Blogger Templates has a good assortment of ones I've never seen before.

Pyzam has a lot of different backgrounds but the layouts are all too similar for me.

Suck My Lolly has some cute stuff, pretty simple, but cute. Much like Gisele Jaquenod. Her designs are super cute. Too cute, in fact, because you want to keep it the way it is. The problem with that is then it's too recognizable. That is also one of the problems with my blog I'm trying to change. I see tons of people with that same template and it sucks.

Wishafriend is "cute" and would be totally awesome ...if I was 16. Go to Pimp-my-profile if you're 18.

BloggerBuster has a great resource list of sites to get cool templates that I often refer to.

I should mention that if you want to create screenshots like the ones shown in this post, go here for the easiest instructions ever!

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