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Baby Gifts & Essentials
I realize it's a little past the time but I thought I'd share my opinion of some of my 15 month old's X-mas toys. My sister got him the Playhut Carnival Ball Zone that I wanted for him, thinking that if I was a kid, I would have loved it and he does.

The problem is keeping the balls in the "zone". I thought that the netting would help but the pit actually has a blow up cushion underneath that tilts when he gets out and there go the balls with him. So, it's turned into Living room Ball Zone. It's okay though, as long as he loves it, that's all that matters.

One of the things we got for him was the V-Tech SmartVille Alphabet Train Station. Now, he already has something similar that you can walk with, but this has a lot of added activities and that's what I was looking for because I am a stay at home mom and some of these things get boring fast.

So, I wanted something that could be used for many things, play time, education, etc. That, and I had a hard time finding great things for his age group. It's like he's too old for baby stuff, but too young for the really cool toys. This is really cool though because there's lots to do.
Now, his B-day was a couple months before Christmas and I got him Parents Busy Zoo. It's just like the ones in the doctor's offices that every kid flocks to, but we never think to get one. Well, I did and we all love it! Everyone who comes over plays with it.

I'm not sure when, but my niece got him the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Table and I also recommend this toy. He gets very serious "stirring the soup", but he's probably going to be retiring this toy soon to make room for all the other stuff that seems to be taking over my whole house.

Now, before you jump to the conclusion that my son is spoiled, you should know, he's worth it :)

I also wanted to mention that I got this baby catalog from One Step Ahead baby products and I have to say I'm impressed. I don't typically buy from catalogs so I looked up the website and I do believe I'm going to buy some baby proofing items.

They really have a good selection of things I haven't seen in the stores. They have all kinds of stuff though, clothes, toys, etc. You should check it out here. Just thought I'd mention it in case there are some other overly cautious parents out there, like me.
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