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I've listened to Yahoo's launch music station for years until now. My husband introduced me to Pandora. While you can program launch to play music that suits your taste based on ratings you give artists that they play, Pandora takes that theory and fine tunes it. You pick an artist or a song and it can start a station based off that. Then you rate songs, good or bad, and it customizes based on that.

What's great about it though is how consistent the station is. I put in People In Planes, for instance and everything they played is exactly like that type of music and I like almost everything they play. Launch, however, could throw some stuff at me that they couldn't think I liked based on things I had rated. Plus, Pandora doesn't have commercials. Launch charges you if you want that feature. So, I highly recommend checking it out if you like to listen to new music while on the computer.
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