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Quick Tips on Being Frugal
Okay, because I'm having some trouble keeping up with my posts due to the overwhelming demands of a 1 year old, I decided I'm going to have to do quick tips whenever I can't find the time to do more.

These quick tips come from a book a friend loaned me, called Cheap Talk with the Frugal Friends.

Quick tip #1: It's a very small thing, but something I hadn't thought of and that's to buy 100% consumable products when possible, like with produce that can be eaten entirely, skins and all. No waste that way!

Quick tip #2: Buy all the same color socks for you and your kids. Usually white makes the most sense. That way, when you lose one or get a hole in one, you can easily match it to another. I actually do this and have for years because I hate trying to match socks to clothes and it bothers me if they don't match exact. So, finally I was like screw it, I'm just buying white.

Quick tip #3: when pajamas with feet get to tight, cut the feet off and you still have a lot of use out of them. I figured this out with my babies clothes because he's very tall and nothing was fitting him right.
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