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Halloween Clearance Sales

Halloween clearance sales are going on everywhere right now. I got these shirts at Target for 90% off! I only paid $2.10 for 4 shirts. The best thing is, this is the type of stuff I wear all the time. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love anything spooky or sinister.

Speaking of which, can I just say, I'm sick of the blow up decorations. Those aren't scary people. Halloween is supposed to be scary. Same thing goes for those blow-up Santas riding motorcycles and stuff. That's not what the holiday is about. Does tradition mean nothing anymore? Whew, had to get that out of my system.

Now, I also got future costumes for my son for 0.99 each. I figure I can jazz them up when the time comes (my husband doesn't want me to call it that though--not exactly manly). For 0.99 I couldn't pass them up. I then got bags of candy, not that I need them, for only 0.21 a piece. I gave my mom some so I wouldn't eat it all.

Of course, things have been picked over like crazy but it's what you expect. I'm going back out today to see if I can find more great deals. I suggest you do the same. Good luck!
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