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Obama Speaks and I Listened
I went and saw Obama a couple days ago when he came to Kansas City. My husband got there about an hour before I did to stand in line. I went with my sister, brother in law and niece, leaving my baby with his grandparents. I actually considered bringing my baby because it is such a big deal in history but when I got there, I was glad that I didn't. A lot of people did bring their children though. There were thousands of us, all shapes, sizes, colors and it made me realize even moreso how
important this is. Obama truly could be the bridge that we need to bring us into a new day, a day of change.

McCain talking about change, in comparison to what it would mean to have an African American as president, isn't even comparable. Yes, with McCain, we would have a female vice president but that is a joke and I think ladies can agree that that is not how we want to be perceived in office.

Of course, that is not what change necessarily means when they refer to it, but again, McCain does not bring change. Voting with the idiot we call president now 90% of the time is not change. I digress. The point being that I, obviously, support Obama and felt privileged to hear him speak. I don't know that I have ever felt so much a part of history in the making before. Not just because of his race, but because I've never been so close to our (fingers crossed) president, other than being outside the White House that is.
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