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I'm sorry readers, I suck at this. I've been super busy with my baby boy and ... life. Don't worry, I still have plenty of rants. Because I have been focusing a little more on home and family, I can say I'm sick of the cleaners out there. Swiffer, you're on my sh*t list. I cannot stand this ...not a broom, not a mop... not helpful thing. All it does is push dirt around. It may grab some dirt but the pad gets dirty so quick that you'd need to replace it every 5 minutes and that money adds up. Personally, I'm going to write them for a refund. It's not for me.

Febreze is another cleaner that I can't stand. It may temporarily cover smells but I don't know that the febreze smell is any better than what it's covering. I think it stinks; and it's so distinctive that anyone coming over knows you febrezed 10 minutes before they got there. That's not obvious or anything.

I should say I have a heightened sense of smell so it may bother me more than most. I'm just sayin'...
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