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Holiday shipping facts you should know
If you're doing a lot of shipping this holiday season, then you probably want to find the cheapest postage. Shipgooder.com compares prices from the post office, FedEx, UPS, and DHL just by entering your packages information.

Now, for those who prefer to pay more, thinking their package will be handled with more care or get there quicker using other shipping places instead of the post office, it's not always true. Some of those other places ship through the post office. I know because I have family who works for the post office and FedEx.

Though it may sound like I'm endorsing the post office, I am not, I just want you to have the facts. If you do want to ship through the post office, use their click n ship web site here. You actually can ship cheaper by doing it on-line and you get free delivery confirmation. Not to mention all the time it saves not having to stand in those lines.

Please don't be intimidated by printing your own postage. It's super easy. You just sign up, put in the label info, weight, and choose how you want to ship. Then you print the label and tape it to the package. You can either schedule a day for your carrier to pick it up or set it out by the mailbox.

As it is right now, you can only do priority, express and international through their site, not parcel post. However, I've found that priority is very close in price lately and with the money you save on-line, it sometimes evens out. Don't forget to get your free priority boxes either.

If you don't have a postage scale, then by all means, run into the post office, they usually have a scale out in the lobby for you to use. Get the weight and go back home to do it yourself. That is, if there's a long line. Otherwise, you can always just ship it there. Personally though, I like the freedom of doing it at home.
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