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I don't tend to like to discuss politics because generally people have their views and aren't about to change them. More likely than not, all you'll do is end up debating the issues. Recently, my sister has begun work signing up voters and although she and I are on the same side, we still end up fighting over where we stand.

Personally, I believe that there is a scale more than democrat vs. republican and on that scale I am a fairly conservative, but firm democrat. I grew up poor and it just wouldn't make sense for me to vote republican. Unlike a lot of "poor" or middle class people, I don't hate the rich for being so misinformed when it comes to our struggles. I do believe it is just that they have no idea what we go through. They take their trips to Africa or Cambodia and they see the starving and they think that's it, but there are people starving here as well. Of course, many have the view that we have more opportunity to do something about it here and that's true. Just know, that not all poor people are lazy, wanting something for nothing beggars. The crisis in America, when it comes to the poor, is that so many are good, hard-working people who live paycheck to paycheck and even with two incomes barely make it, living only one check away from homelessness.

Wow, thought I wasn't going to give a speech but this is what these topics bring out in people. That aside, why I decided to do this post was because I thought it was important to share these articles that my sister sent to me about women's suffrage:


They can be quite long and involved but the point is that women, men, the young and the old need to get out there and vote (for Obama...I'm kidding...but not really).

I will say one more thing, I have been talking to a lot of people who "like" McCain. I say yes, like McCain, love McCain, but that doesn't mean you have to vote for him. Just because someone is a good person, a brave and honorable person, doesn't mean they should be president. We have suffered for 8 years with a complete disgrace of a president and there is no way I'd vote for someone who has voted with Bush 90% of the time. Obama is a bit green and, honestly, I would have preferred Hilary; but Obama is also very likable and, I believe he'll make a great president as well. It's time for change in a big way.
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